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News 8-best-strains-for-pisces-season

8 best strains for Pisces season

Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, symbolized by two fish locked in an eternal orbit; the image is simultaneously fluid and rigid. And like its iconography, Pisces energy is dramatic on its surface, but soft and yielding within, a juxtaposition of galaxy brain wisdom and childlike naivete that’s earned the

Politics amsterdam-to-ban-cannabis-use-on-streets-of-red-light-district

Amsterdam to ban cannabis use on streets of Red Light District

The city known for cannabis tourism is cleaning up the streets of its famous late night destination. Amsterdam will also limit alcohol sales.Amsterdam’s weed-friendly coffee shops have been a destination for canna-tourists for decades. But locals are growing tired of visitors toking in the popular Red Light District, which is also the center of the

News 5-essential pre-rolls-in-massachusetts

5 essential pre-rolls in Massachusetts

Pre-rolls are great because they make smoking weed easy. Whether you’re a novice who doesn’t know how to roll a joint or a seasoned user on the go, pre-rolls take the legwork out of preparing the flower for your smoking experience, a time-consuming ritual that often stands between potential users and getting high. On the

Legalization charting-harlem’s-long-history-as-a-hotbed-for-cannabis-culture

Charting Harlem’s long history as a hotbed for cannabis culture

For more than a century, Harlem has helped define New York City’s world famous cannabis scene. From 1920s-era Jazz pioneers to the legal legends of today, Leafly honors the neighborhood’s deeply rooted influence on weed culture. 1914: New York begins restricting cannabis to medical use 1927: New York state prohibited the sale and possession of

News 6-best-low-stress-training-clips,-wires,-and-ties-for-home-growers

6 best low-stress training clips, wires, and ties for home growers

There are many ways to cultivate cannabis depending on the end goal. If you’re chasing large yields, then one method that may benefit your plants is low-stress training. If you don’t grow weed, you may be unfamiliar with this method; but luckily, there are experts that can give you advice on how to use it.

Legalization News oklahoma-could-generate-nearly-$500m-if-recreational-pot-is-legalized

Oklahoma Could Generate Nearly $500M if Recreational Pot is Legalized

While intense campaigns on either side of the issue are attempting to swing the March 7 vote, a new report released by the Yes on 820 campaign shows the myriad economic benefits Oklahoma could look forward to, should adult-use cannabis legalization be enacted. The report, titled, “An Economic Impact and Tax Analysis of Oklahoma State

News 6-chocolate-weed-strains-worth-trying-this-valentine’s-day

6 chocolate weed strains worth trying this Valentine’s Day

For smoke-weed-everyday cacao aficionados, it stands to reason that some of our favorite cultivars would share a few of the same essences as chocolate, especially considering how integral both are to contemporary stoner culture. Chocophile potheads around the world know how much of a mood lift a single bonbon can deliver, but it’s more than

News the-6-best-games-to-play-while-high

The 6 best games to play while high

Contemporary canna-sseurs and boho game aficionados alike can agree that stoned game night is a singular pleasure, especially when the game in question is straight-up cannabis-themed. Unlike other “mature” board games and card games that require some manner of focus, point scoring, rule keeping, and attention maintaining, stoner games are typically built on the premise that

CBD News nike-challenges-trademark-of-hemp-company-slogan-‘just-hemp-it’

Nike Challenges Trademark of Hemp Company Slogan ‘Just Hemp It’

Nike is one of the largest footwear and athletic gear companies in the world, known for its familiar slogan “Just Do It.” The company recently issued a trademark complaint on Jan. 18 against a Texas-based CBD company called Revive Farming Technologies, who filed to use the trademark “Just Hemp It” on Dec. 16, 2019. “JUST

News the-4-best-weed-trimming-scissors-for-every-budget

The 4 best weed trimming scissors for every budget

Trimming cannabis is an extremely important part of the harvesting process. Trichomes — the chemical compounds that dictate smell, taste, and effect — are located on the outside of the leaves and buds, so a bad trim job can render even the best weed vibe-less. Below, we spoke to small-scale growers to find the best trimming scissors

News 13-essential pre-rolls-and-infused-pre-rolls-in-colorado

13 essential pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls in Colorado

Pre-rolls are a great introduction to smoking cannabis and trying different weed strains. They require no effort to roll, are cheaper than buying full eighths, and can be found at every dispensary. But with so many options, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed with the shopping process — especially in Colorado, where many of the brands you

Legalization News us.-virgin-islands-legalizes-adult-use-cannabis

U.S. Virgin Islands Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis

On Jan. 18, a signing ceremony was held to document Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. signing The Virgin Islands Cannabis Use Act (Act 8680), and proclaiming that anyone who has been convicted with simple cannabis possession is invited to apply for a pardon. “From the beginning of the Bryan-Roach Administration, we have worked towards the legalization

News 6-best-strains-for-aquarius-season

6 best strains for Aquarius season

Aquarius, the eleventh sign in the zodiac represented by the water-bearing Greek hero Ganymede, is both charming and iconoclastic and, ultimately, the most individualistic of all the zodiac signs. Folks born between January 20 and February 17 can seem both familiar and mysterious in the most captivating ways. This Uranus-ruled air sign boasts creators and

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